Thailand Project Reference
System Company
Customer Group Project Supplied Items
System Company Yokogawa Thailand : IRPC CCTV Project SS304 Pullbox - Local
System Company Yokogawa Thailand : ASM Project Junction Box Ex d Crouse-Hinds Lots ll
System Company Yokogawa : ASM Project Eaton CEAG EJB110 Lots l
System Company Yogokawa Thailand : Mitrphol Amnajcharoen Capri cable gland package
System Company Yokogawa Thailand – Mitrphol Manichaean Hoffman-PCF JB package
System Company Toyo Gulf 12PP Plant GNPM Hoffman Junction with accessories and hub, plugs
System Company LLDPE Yogokawa Thailand CCTV System
System Company PTTGC - Supply Ex"d" JB and Weather Proof JB with Accessories for CCTV Projects Crouse‐Hinds‐Junction Box
System Company Emerson Thailand - Supply E&I consumables (cable glands, JB) CEAG, Crouse‐Hinds
System Company Yokogawa BST Expansion Hoffman Stainless Cabinet
System Company Yokogawa JB for CCTV ASM CEAG Crouse-Hinds-Junction Box