Other key business benefits include:
  • Localized stock management and innovative warehousing
  • Accurate and efficient order management and fulfilment systems and processes
  • Sophisticated supply chain solutions provide quality assured on and off-site materials management; kitting and modular construction; and supply chain optimization.
  • Management of multiple sites, countries and construction sub-schedules
  • Flexibility to develop a detailed execution strategy based on specific requirements, schedule and location
  • Export and import documentation and compliance
  • Reporting and expediting of materials on overall project and individual sites
Value Added Services
We offer additional services in the form of project management, construction material management solutions, and maintenance and repair contracts.

This provides Wholesale Electric Asia (Thailand) clients with full visibility of their project throughout its life time and improves total return of investment.
Project Management
In addition to delivering on time and within budget, our experienced project management team provides services such as construction schedule integration; supply chain optimization; documentation; risk and waste management; on- and off-site materials management; off-site kitting and modular construction; and safety, environment, and quality management systems.

We have successfully supported hundreds of large projects including iconic commercial developments, mega energy projects, hospitals, data centers, and public infrastructure developments.
Maintenance and Repair
Good maintenance can make or break a major operation. We provide quality, price-assured maintenance and repair contracts for a wide variety of organizations. Our delivery is supported by comprehensive planning, supply chain, supervisory, safety, environmental, and ISO 9001:2008 accredited quality management systems.

We lower your maintenance costs, increase productivity, and ensure continuous operation by providing a reliable supply of products and services, even into remote and sometimes hazardous locations.
“Our goal is to ensure that every project is complete, on schedule, under budget and with minimum material surplus.”
System Solutions
Our in-house programmers have worked together with customers to develop a system that helps reduce costs, improve efficiencies and increase productivity. This web-based, real-time enterprise resource planning (ERP) system integrates all facets of our operation including financials, sales, inventory management, and distribution.
EDI Integration: Integrates with both proprietary and non-proprietary electronic data interchange into all processes. This allows us to electronically enter price catalogues, questions, order entry, purchasing, expediting, invoicing and electronic funds transfer.
Redundancy: Complete server-based system with redundancy in three geographic locations.
Material Management System (MMS): Tailored to ensure our clients get the correct material delivered where it is needed and within the required timeframe.
Construction Material Management System (CMMS): The most sophisticated software in the industry for managing large construction projects and our most powerful tool for capital project management.